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ISV Radio Network stands for In Summa Vigilia. In Summa Vigilia is a movement that translates to "wide awake" in Latin. 

 We need to be awake in all aspects of life:

World views

Don't Believe Everything You See on TV

Have you ever seen something on t.v., the news, or a reality show and told yourself, "That has to be fake!" Well, not that I think the government in lying to us at all times, but I remember thinking to myself that very statement as I watched videos of Bin Laden and other terrorist groups over the years. When I stumbled upon the article that inspired this show, I had that moment of, "I KNEW IT!" 

As I continued to read the article, chills went through my body as I realized this is only the beginning of what we know. I encourage you to listen and read the article with an open mind and think of the possibilities they can continue to do if we do not bring out stories like these to light. So join me as we talk about the elections, propaganda videos, and Operation Northwoods.

Stay Blessed, Wide Awake, and Always Ask Why?!



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Broken Democracy

A Change Is Gona Come.