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ISV Radio Network stands for In Summa Vigilia. In Summa Vigilia is a movement that translates to "wide awake" in Latin. 

 We need to be awake in all aspects of life:

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ISV Music Sessions


Thank you for joining us on another edition of ISV Radio, except this one has a little twist. We want to start a new creative space that is dedicated to live music. ISV Music Sessions is us (and hopefully others) playing and sharing their music. We want to explore all genres and all types of musicians. In this first episode, I play some tunes that I've had in my creative bag and we open up on how music has affected our lives. We hope this is a start to many more musicians joining us and sharing their passion. So listen in as I hope to inspire you with a little bit of my creative side. Stay blessed and wide awake my friends. 

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