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ISV Radio Network stands for In Summa Vigilia. In Summa Vigilia is a movement that translates to "wide awake" in Latin. 

 We need to be awake in all aspects of life:

World views

Mental Health, Re-focusing your life, and Being a human being.

Photo via: www.

Photo via: www.

Thank you for joining us on another edition of ISV Radio, join Alvaro and me as we talk about recent headlines in the new regarding the San Berbardino shootings and the repercussions, (good/bad), that are to come. We also discuss the issue of mental health and racial profiling, in regards to all the mass shootings that have been taking place, in the United States.  We also briefly discuss a video on Jose Mujica, ex-president of Uruguay, and the knowledge that he drops which can be very benficial to oursleves and humanity. 

Thank you all for subscribing and the continued support, the ISV Radio team thanks you! 

Stay Blessed, wide awake, and always ask why! 



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