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In 2016 what will be your Detroit?


Photo via Instagram: @tmmerlo  

Photo via Instagram: @tmmerlo  

    Detroit (a.k.a. The Motor City) is one of the iconic locations in the United States. Few cities have had as large of influence on our culture as Detroit. The automobile industry, the Great Lakes and of course the music (Motown, etc.) are just some of the many things that are associated with Detroit. However, it has famously gone through some very difficult times recently. It has recently emerged from the largest municipal bankruptcy in the history of the US.  For a long time the name Detroit was synonymous with crime, blight and high unemployment.

Lately though, for the first time in many years, there is a real buzz of excitement that is happening in town.  New restaurants and other projects are being announced on an almost weekly basis. There now are many cool new places to hang out and young people are actually moving back to the city. Jack White opened up a Third Man Records store, a Nike store is being planned and many new shops and art locations have been opening recently. Plus, a $1.2 billion dollar development project is going on involving a new Red Wings stadium and many surrounding blocks of retail locations, office space and apartments. People here have long wanted to be a part of the revitalization of this town that they love, and now they finally can. It really is an exciting time. 


The question is what is Your Detroit?


By that I mean, what once great thing in your life has been allowed to deteriorate and almost given up on, but now can be brought back to life?  Do you have an artistic talent that has sat dormant for years? A business idea?  Rebuilding a relationship with a former friend/lover or family member?


Even locally, many people here saw Detroit as a lost cause. They had given up and tried to move on without it. Countless people swore to never again cross the infamous 8 Mile road and enter the city.  But many of us held on to the belief that the city could once again be great. We never gave up hope and little by little, the small efforts that regular people were making all added up.  This is the same formula that can work for you. Entrepreneurs will tell you that they make it a point to do at least 1 thing every day to help build their business, even on weekends.  This is a strategy that can work for you.


Have you always wanted to learn how to play an instrument? Even spending 5 minutes a day can really add up over time and make a big difference.  Have you always wanted to be your own boss? There are lots of things you can do from home if you just invest a little time.


The biggest challenge to making your Detroit happen is the belief that you can and the aligning of your actions to make it happen. 


A musician friend of mine had a friend pass away recently and it really hit home to him that time on this earth is short. It's easy to have an unfulfilled dream that you just never make time to make happen.  He said a great line to me that has served as a motto for some of my projects lately- “It's time to get to gettin.”


This year can finally be the year that you have your own renaissance. The choice is up to you. Give yourself a chance to be disciplined enough to make it happen.  Imagine the joy it will bring to your life. Say it out loud. Eventually you will.



-Thank you to Tony Merlo for submitting this blog post all the way from the beautiful city of Detroit. Follow Tony on twitter at:

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