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Check your Mental Brakes

Thank you to Tony Merlo for another great submission. Coming at you all the way from the great city of Detroit, enjoy! 


Have you checked your brakes lately?

    Let's think about something for a minute- How many times have you allowed yourself to get really worked up and upset thinking about someone or something and then when you finally see that person, or the event actually happens, everything worked out fine?  Too often we allow ourselves to indulge in a negative thought pattern that is not even based on reality.  It is unfortunately way too easy to get caught up in thinking about something damaging that might happen, but actually probably will not.

    Just recently I was driving somewhere and my mind started wandering to one of my friends who owed me some money.  I had not heard from him in a couple days and was upset that he was not making the effort he promised to pay me back.  I started thinking about how rude that was and was feeling disrespected.  I started thinking that he was doing it on purpose and that now I would probably have to get in some big argument or hassle just to get my money back.  I then indulged even further and was thinking about other things this guy has done and how now it really makes me wonder about him as a person and whether or not we should even be friends after all this. I was really creating a big scenario in my mind.  Just before I got to my destination, however, I checked my mental brakes and realized I was not using them, much to my own detriment.  At that point I decided to let the matter go for now and wait until I talked to my friend and see what the situation actually was before I wasted my time and energy creating an imaginary negative scenario.  

    Later that day my friend called me.  He apologized for being out of touch, he had a phone issue but was hoping to meet up later to repay the money he owed me.  He then thanked me for having lent it to him and told me he appreciated me helping him out when he needed a hand.

    This is why it is important to sometimes check your brakes.  Are you allowing yourself to be consumed by negative thoughts about a situation when you do not really have all of the information?  Don't worry, you're not alone. This kind of thing happens to almost everyone but ask yourself this- When was the last time that worrying or stressing out about something did anyone any good?  

    Worry and unnecessary stress are two of the worst things that you can allow yourself to do.  Over time they literally can kill you.  That is why it is so important when you find yourself getting upset about a potential situation to slow yourself down. Wait until you find out what actually happens and then react then.  Most of the time it is far better than the scenario you created in your head. Check your brakes.

                     -Tony Merlo

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