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ISV Radio Network stands for In Summa Vigilia. In Summa Vigilia is a movement that translates to "wide awake" in Latin. 

 We need to be awake in all aspects of life:

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Life has been really good lately, and I know it will only get better. I remember the start of 2014, there seemed to be a negative energy that permeated everywhere and with everyone. People did not seem happy about the future and seemed to focus on negativity, instead of positivity. This year I felt was different, it's as if their was a shift in mindset, from myself first and foremost, and from everyone around me. I have always beleived that what you think in your mind will become, and started to truley practice it at the ends of 2014. The results are outstanding and I encourage everyone to take a minute and envision what they want out of this life. When you realize how great this journey can be, you will make your life and the lives around you better.

My mother always told me, "El que domina la mente, domina todo," which translates too, "He who conquers the mind, can conquer anything." She sure was right! 


So thank you for still being with us, new ISV Music podcast to be uploaded on thursday. 

Stay blessed and wide awake my friends! 

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