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ISV Radio Network stands for In Summa Vigilia. In Summa Vigilia is a movement that translates to "wide awake" in Latin. 

 We need to be awake in all aspects of life:

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Are You Sure It Was a Bad Thing?

 Are you sure it was a bad thing?


It was Friday, the night before Halloween and the town was blowing up with things to do. It was one of those evenings that you really look forward to happening.  My first stop was a bar a couple miles away where a friend was sitting in and playing guitar and singing a set at a cool place in town. Things started off a bit strange because, due to a miscommunication, he started an hour earlier than I expected and was already done by the time I got there. That was disappointing, but it was still fun to hang out and have a couple drinks with him. A while after that, I left to go see a another friend's band play at a big warehouse party.   This was going to be great, and it's one of those places that is self-securitied, meaning you could hang out and do your thing and everybody was cool with no bad vibes. Plus you could bring in your own drinks. I stopped at the liquor store and had just got on the freeway to head the 20 minutes or so north when I heard a pretty loud rumbling sound. I looked around to see whose car it was coming from and then realized it was my own.



At that point I had two options:

keep going, since it seemed like just a muffler issue, or turn around and head home for the night. I had one mile to make a decision before the next exit.  I really thought about it, but decided that this was a sign that I needed to go home.  I was pretty bummed at the time, but after arriving home safely, I checked my car and it wasn't that bad, but would need to have something fixed. But that would have to be a different day. I went inside and plugged my guitar in and played solo for the next few hours.


I was in my house, pondering the situation when it dawned on me that my car did not just break at that exact moment as a coincidence.  I called a friend and started talking about it, and we were discussing that driving around on those type of nights can be very dangerous.  Lots of crazy drivers, and most having drank a lot more than me. The thing about driving that people forget though is that it does not have to be your fault for it to become your problem.  My friend reminded me that one time I had an incident where that happened leaving the parking lot of a basketball game.  The car in front of me rear ended the car in front of it without braking so by the time I realized what happened even though I had been paying total attention with both hands on the wheel,  I ran into him and the car behind me ran into me. Noone was hurt thankfully, but it ended up being expensive to get fixed.  Right as he said that I plugged in an earpiece into my phone and it immediately made a loud screeching sound. I unplugged it and a minute later tried it again. Only this time it worked fine.


This was the exact confirmation that I needed.


The earpiece making a big sound and not working was exactly the type of situation we were talking about at that moment. It was not my “fault”, I inserted it correctly, but it still didn't work.  Right on cue with the conversation.  When out of the normal events happen, it can be very useful to stop and focus on exactly what you were thinking when that happened. What exact thought was in your mind.  The event that occurred is related to that.  This is the Universe speaking to you. Messages of incredible value can be received if you know how to listen. 

My car breaking end up costing me $250 to fix, but when I thought about that in the context that an total disaster could have happened that evening, it was a cost I was actually happy to pay.  I firmly believe that it was an act of God (The Universe/Source whatever you prefer) that guided me to safety.  The reason I feel so strongly is that after the confirmation I received, my intuition felt much clearer.  Everyone has intuition and it is very important that they pay attention to it.


Sometimes events occur that at the time seem terrible, but it is truly up to us to decide how we respond. 


Sometimes something that you “want” not happening can be the best thing that can happen.  Your subconscious mind (or Spirit or Soul) knows what is best for you. It is our physical minds that can sometimes get in the way.  Allow the Spirit to enter into your physical life and go with the events that occur.  You will often find that they will lead you to people and events of higher levels of awareness and frequency.

-Tony Merlo


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