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ISV Radio Network stands for In Summa Vigilia. In Summa Vigilia is a movement that translates to "wide awake" in Latin. 

 We need to be awake in all aspects of life:

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"Happiness is the Key to Life"

In honor of Spotify releasing the entire Beatles catalogue, (something I've been waiting for since I was a first user of Spotify), I would like to share my thoughts on this famous quote by John Lennon.

Happiness is a journey and some of us are fortunate enough to to find it in the small things...

which in my opinion is what matters most. I am not saying I am perfect, trust me I am far from it, but I have lived enough years on this Earth to know what makes me happy and what doesn't. At the end of the day, happiness is the key to life and I'm not talking about an "ok" life, or "I'm just gona get by" life, I am talking about a life that is full of gratitude and great memories.


Growing up I thought that I would have it all figured out by this time.

I thought I knew what happiness was and I was well on my way working to achieve this happiness. But somewhere along the line of life, I was re-directed and shown that the happiness that I thought I wanted was not in fact what I desired. I realized that I was programmed to think a certain way and to want certain things. It took a major shift in my mindset, (one that is still conintuing as I type), to auto-analyze myself and find out what truly makes me happy.


That's when I discovered minimalism, my faith, my career, and the desire to live in a Tiny Home, (look up The Tiny House Movement), was what made me happy!


The desire to cherish every moment with my loved ones and to go on adventures is what I wanted instead of debt, stress, and the mundane. Even though I still have A LOT to learn and discover about myself I can say I am on my path to my happiness, and I encourage you to do the same as well. Trust me, leaving all the "clutter" from life that is holding you down is well worth it!

Stay Blessed, wide awake, and always ask why!



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