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How Much Energy Do You Start Your Day With?

How Much Energy Do You Start Your Day With?

    It seems like almost everyone you ask is constantly tired and living on coffee or some other type of “energy” drink.  Most people blame it on the modern day lifestyle of being busy from the minute they get up until they finally lay down at night.  While that does wear people out, often times there is a much more subtle, hidden energy drain that keeps people from ever really feeling good during the day.  When you have negative issues in your past that you never really deal with, they stay with you and every day you spend part of your energy carrying them around.  Most people have many negative things that they are unwisely clinging to usually because they do not realize that there is another option.

    This is an example of a typical person- They start their day with their personal battery charged to 100% but the minute they wake up, subconsciously their mind goes to work, thinking about things in the past. They are still upset about an argument they had with someone last month (lowering their energy to 95%). They're also still bitter about a breakup with their ex a while ago (lowering their energy to 85%). They had a bad experience at a store 2 days ago that is still lingering (down to 83%), just thinking about their boss makes them angry (78%). Someone posted something upsetting about them online recently (74%). One of their friends is going through a tough time and they are worried about their well being (71%). So by this example, the best that this person could hope for is a maximum of 71% energy for their day. Let's think about the alternative for a minute. If we are able to forgive and let go of events or people from the past, we can reclaim this lost energy. Sure there are some things that require our attention, like in this example the friend that is going through a tough time and needs our help,  but most of the time we can get a lot closer to being back to 100% than we are now.  This should be our goal. 

    Tonight when you are winding down your day, take about 15 minutes and turn off the tv and put your phone on silent and think about your life and how many unresolved issues you are carrying with you.  How many can you finally let go of? What is the root of the unease? Is it because you are protecting your ego? Imagine what would happen if you allowed yourself to forgive the other person involved, learn from the experience and move on with you life. Remember that each one is weighing you down. Spend a minute a give yourself the luxury of imagining what your life would be like if you actually felt peace within yourself.  You will actually feel yourself get lighter and your natural energy will return.  Set yourself a goal to gradually release all of the burdens that you have unnecessarily carried for so long. You will be amazed at the results.


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